Your home needs routine maintenance to keep everything functioning properly. By conducting yearly maintenance, you can minimize a lot of issues. Below, we will discuss some of the different New Year home maintenance tips that you should use.

New Year Home Maintenance Tips:

Clear The Clutter

One of the easiest things that you can do is to clear the clutter. The New Year presents a good opportunity to start fresh. Try to do a yearly cleaning around the New Year to really get things in order. If you got a lot of things from decluttering and you need to rent a dumpster, Maui dumpster rental has employees that are skilled professionals.

Check For Pests

This is a good time to check for pests. You will want to look for signs that you might have a pest infestation around your home and even inside of it.

Clear Out Debris

You might have a lot of debris that built up throughout the winter so far blocking your AC unit. Be sure to clear any debris that might be in the way. If your AC unit is damaged, have one of the trained HVAC technicians at AC Maui repair it for you. They can help you with anything related to air conditioning.

Clear Gutters

If you live in an area that experiences a lot of precipitation during the winter months, you are likely going to have a lot of debris clogging up your gutters. Now is a good time to clear them out.

Test Sensors and Detectors

This is a good time to check out and test all of the sensors and detectors in your home. You want to be certain that all of the smoke alarms and the carbon monoxide detectors are fully functioning.

Check Vents

Always check for vents and ensure they are not being blocked. If they are being blocked, clear out the debris and the other things blocking them.

If you have swimming pool, resurface them if it needs to be resurfaced. Call a skilled pool contractor for your pool resurfacing project.

Another is, trimming the trees in your surroundings. If there are dead trees then remove them. Call a tree removal service that will handle it for you. Tree service in Alexandria is professional in this field.

By following the tips above, you should be able to minimize the issues that you are faced with due to a lack of home maintenance being performed on a yearly basis.


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