Renovation And Remodeling Ideas

Whether you are thinking of renovating a portion of your home or remodeling to create an entirely new space, inspiration from other makeovers and projects can help you transform your home into the dream environment you have always wanted. The big question is when to do it yourself and when the project requires hiring a remodeling professional. Tradeoffs to consider include time, professional results, and money so in the end, it all comes down to personal confidence and budget. As a general rule, you should only undertake a project if you feel comfortable that you have the skill set to complete it with good results.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to renovate a home is by giving it a fresh look with creative painting techniques. Adding new coordinating accessories like mirrors, paintings, and rugs will complete the look to make a room look brand new. Other ways to makeover space are to replace countertops, utilize unused space like the basement, install tile flooring, or even to build a new deck.

Here are some nifty renovating and remodeling ideas for you to consider:

Basement Renovation

  • Your basement space can be turned into a stylish hangout space like a bar.
  • Skip the stress of full-on remodeling by incorporating the industrial charm of your basement into the décor.
  • If your basement is small, mirrors, or a backsplash and glass shelving for a bar will help create the illusion of a larger space. Bring in a touch of glamor with marble and brass accents and floating shelves to provide a space for all the essentials.
  • Wood paneling and frosted pendant lights will create a warm atmosphere for serving up your favorite cocktails.
  • A marble countertop paired with black lacquered cabinetry will provide classic elegance with a modern appeal.
  • A cottage-style setup is ideal for a cozy family room where members of the family can gather together to watch movies, play games, or for a quiet and relaxing time to read in peace. After applying a coat of paint and new flooring, comfortable furniture and a warm rug will be all you need for your new family room.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

Projects best left to professionals include:

  • Moving or installing new plumbing
  • Running a new gas line
  • A high-end countertop and cabinetry installations
  • Hardwire under cabinet lighting
  • Demolishing walls or building new ones

DIY projects that can safely be tackled on your own include:

  • Cabinet resurfacing
  • Laminate counter replacement
  • Faucet replacement or sink replacement
  • New flooring
  • Tiling
  • New lighting or light fitting replacement


When done right, wallpaper can provide a beautiful and timeless transformation to any room. Although wallpaper can be done easily within a few hours by a professional, just one DIY mistake can ruin the end result especially if it has an intricate repeatable pattern. If you have selected a high-quality, beautiful wallpaper it is best to leave it to a skilled craftsman to ensure it will live up to its full potential. Wallpaper does not have to confined to walls as it can also transform spaces like closet doors, cabinets, and the rises of stairs.

Window Treatments

Window treatments serve an important purpose but can be tough to navigate as there are so many options. If you don’t have a clear idea consult a trusted interior designer to give you expert advice on making the right choice for every room. Options include sheer or blackout curtains, blinds, roller shades, and Roman blinds to name a few. The most important thing to remember here is that they should be customized to suit the space. Choose the type of window treatment first before proceeding with color and pattern choice.

These home renovation and remodeling ideas come from Fabian. Fabian is partnered with a contractor that does pool resurfacing in Dallas. Together the companies provide home remodeling services for interiors and exteriors as well as outdoor living projects, especially swimming pools.

Top Tips On How To Remove Eyelash Extensions

The first 2 weeks are the best after getting your eyelash extensions. Your lashes are light and flutter, and everything looks really good. However, things start getting gnarly and messy once you have passed the 3-week mark.

This is when you should be returning to your favorite salon for your touch-up or when you want them removed. If you are unable to make it to the salon here are a few tips on how to safely remove your eyelash extensions.

Eye-Makeup Remover

Use an oil-based eye-makeup remover. Apply the solution to cotton wool and then gently wipe the formula over each lash. You should start to notice the lashes wiping away with each stroke. To make sure you remove all the lashes, you might need to repeat the process a few times. Avoid rubbing the area and try not to get the eye-makeup remover into your eyes. If you find a few stubborn lashes that won’t budge wait for an hour or two before you give it another go.

Extra Tip: Steam your face gently beforehand to help with loosening the glue. Use a bowl filled with hot water placing a towel over the bowl and your head. Make sure you keep a distance from the hot water to avoid burning your face. Steam for at least 10 minutes before you use an oil-based product to remove your lash extensions.

Coconut Oil

If you prefer natural products, then coconut oil works just as well as oil-based cleansers. The oil will dissolve the glue and gently wipe those eyelash extensions away.

Olive Oil

This oil is one of those pantry staples that offer a variety of uses. Olive oil is gentle for the delicate skin around your eyes, just be very careful to not get this solution to close to your eyes.

You can visit the salon where you got your eyelash extensions to remove them properly from a professional. If you thinking about getting eyelash extensions, eyelash salon in Honolulu is professional, high-quality eyelash extensions services, at affordable prices.

Different New Year Home Maintenance Tips

Your home needs routine maintenance to keep everything functioning properly. By conducting yearly maintenance, you can minimize a lot of issues. Below, we will discuss some of the different New Year home maintenance tips that you should use.

New Year Home Maintenance Tips:

Clear The Clutter

One of the easiest things that you can do is to clear the clutter. The New Year presents a good opportunity to start fresh. Try to do a yearly cleaning around the New Year to really get things in order. If you got a lot of things from decluttering and you need to rent a dumpster, Maui dumpster rental has employees that are skilled professionals.

Check For Pests

This is a good time to check for pests. You will want to look for signs that you might have a pest infestation around your home and even inside of it.

Clear Out Debris

You might have a lot of debris that built up throughout the winter so far blocking your AC unit. Be sure to clear any debris that might be in the way. If your AC unit is damaged, have one of the trained HVAC technicians at AC Maui repair it for you. They can help you with anything related to air conditioning.

Clear Gutters

If you live in an area that experiences a lot of precipitation during the winter months, you are likely going to have a lot of debris clogging up your gutters. Now is a good time to clear them out.

Test Sensors and Detectors

This is a good time to check out and test all of the sensors and detectors in your home. You want to be certain that all of the smoke alarms and the carbon monoxide detectors are fully functioning.

Check Vents

Always check for vents and ensure they are not being blocked. If they are being blocked, clear out the debris and the other things blocking them.

If you have swimming pool, resurface them if it needs to be resurfaced. Call a skilled pool contractor for your pool resurfacing project.

Another is, trimming the trees in your surroundings. If there are dead trees then remove them. Call a tree removal service that will handle it for you. Tree service in Alexandria is professional in this field.

By following the tips above, you should be able to minimize the issues that you are faced with due to a lack of home maintenance being performed on a yearly basis.

8 Home Makeovers Ideas

Many people like to try new things in their homes. They want to make it look better and different. Here are 8 home makeover ideas:

  1. Kitchen – A new kitchen can really spruce up a home. From top to bottom, a new kitchen makes everything look better. You can install a grease trap in your kitchen. Seattle grease trap cleaning can help you with anything related to the grease trap.
  2. Living Room – New furniture in the living room can add a bit of allure to a home. It can change the whole atmosphere when the furniture is updated to a modern kind.
  3. Dining Room – Using crown molding in a dining room gives a great look to the room. People love to get fancy with this to make their dining room a formal room for eating.
  4. Paint – Painting the rooms of a home is an instant home makeover. The colors and the textures of the walls can add dramatic impacts to any room.
  5. Carpeting – New carpeting is also a welcome addition to a home. Flooring is necessary and the best carpeting can make a home look 100% better than it did.
  6. New Appliances – Getting new and modern appliances can change a home forever. The latest appliances are what a homeowner should be looking for and shopping around for the best prices is essential.
  7. Outside Work – Finishing up the outside of a home is important. Porches, decks, gardens, and gazebos all make great additions to a home. This will give it the look that a homeowner has been waiting for a long time.
  8. Room Additions – Adding a new room onto a home is another way to change it all. Room planning will take some time. Remodeling your basement is also a good idea. Turn your basement into a useful and beautiful space. You can call basement finishing Fredericksburg, a licensed and insured home builder.

Another is installing a brand new roof. It can increase the value of your home. Find a skilled roofer for this project. Maui roofer is a trusted full service residential & commercial roofing company that can provide solutions to any problem you may be having with your roof. 

Lastly, resurface your pool. Call a professional pool resurfacing contractor to this project.

After a home makeover, it’s time for a homeowner to throw a party. Friends, family, and neighbors will all enjoy seeing the changes that were made.

8 Important Home Repairs to Do Right After Moving Homes

There are a number of quick things you should do after moving homes to make sure that you are protecting the home you have moved out of and getting the best possible price in the process.

Grout Repair

Quick and somewhat easy, replacing or repairing dingy grout will make your bathroom shine and make it more appealing to potential buyers.

Outdoor Stair Repair

The second someone walks down a stair and has its wobble, they have lost all interest in a home. Buyer safety is always important and remembering the small things can make or break a deal.

Paint Rooms

Patch up any holes, go ahead and remove any weird texturing like popcorn you might have done, and update the paint to a more modern color scheme. With everything out of the house, this should only take a few hours and could mean thousands of dollars more when you sell. You can call Stucco San Jose a full-service stucco and painting company that can help you with painting your room.

Upgrade Electronic Covers

Things like light switches and electronic plugs have covered the can look aged and in need of an update. Changing the faceplates will freshen up the room and make your home look less dated.

If your AC unit is damaged, repair it from ac services. You can call Maui air conditioning they are professional air conditioning services.

Clean Flooring

Tiles, wood, carpet, it doesn’t matter. Flooring needs to be cleaned and look the best possible. We recommend getting this done professionally once everything else is done.

Fix Shelving

Shelves that are too deep in the pantry, hooks that don’t make sense in the closets, and shelves that hold nothing in the bathroom all need to go. Home repair stores sell cheap, uniform shelving these days that can completely change the look of your home.

Fix Exterior Damage

Things like broken pieces of siding, downed water spouts, wires that are no longer following siding, and a number of other issues happen regularly in homes across the world. However, they are also things that turn potential buyers off of buying your home. Take the time to fix these to improve value.

Repair or replace your roof that has holes. Maui roofing contractor has skilled roofers that can help you with fixing and replacing your damaged roof.

Repair your damaged deck. Not just to maintain its surface but also to secure your safety. Deck builder Garland can provide all of your needs and your deck.

Lastly, if you have swimming pool that needs to be resurfaced, call a professional pool contractor to resurface it. Pool resurfacing palm desert specializes in all things related to swimming pool construction, remodels, and pump system upgrades.

Winter-proof Home

Make sure there are no drafts, re-seal areas that have issues, waterproof doors, and generally make your home ready for the coming winter. This will do a lot in terms of making the home feel warmer when showing it and will make your inspection score go up as well.

Another is, do a general cleaning of your house. From the bedroom, living room, bathroom, dining area, and kitchen. If you saw bed bugs in your bedroom or even in any corner of your house, call an exterminator. Bed bug buffalo can help you exterminate those bed bugs.

5 Tips To Maintain Your Equipment In Commercial Kitchens

The cooking equipment in your restaurant is probably what you hold most dear. One tiny fault could ruin your hospitality service and tarnish your reputation. Lack of proper equipment maintenance could even cause a fire. This could put you out of business for days or even weeks.

So, what maintenance tips should you follow in your commercial kitchen? Here are some 5 tips to keep your business and equipment operational:

  1. Grease Filter Cleaning
    Grease is collected by grease filters thereby significantly reducing the grease flowing into the duct. This reduces the number of times that ducts need to be cleaned. Still, the grease has to be cleaned from the grease filters. Cleaning of grease filters should be done once every week. Best to call a pro to handle your grease traps. You can call grease trap service Everett.
  2. Deep Fat Fryer Inspection
    One of the biggest fire hazards in your commercial kitchen is your deep fat fryer. Your fryer’s interior should be regularly cleaned. This should be done according to the manufacturer’s instructions. An inspection should also be carried out yearly. This needs to be done by a competent commercial cooking appliance contractor after it has been in service for five years.
  3. Automatic Extinguishing System (AES) service
    Servicing of the AES should be done every six months by a qualified contractor. Servicing every six months ensures that all components are operational in readiness for any fire. This is according to industry testings done.
  4. Cleaning Of The Vent Hood And Duct
    Cleaning of the vent hood and duct needs to be done every six months. It should be done by a qualified contractor from a certified hood cleaning service. Cleaning does away with built-up grease. You may opt to perform this service more frequently.
  5. Floor Maintenance
    Your kitchen floor is usually in use all the time. Slips and falls can occur when your kitchen floor isn’t properly cleaned. A quality cleaner specifically made for commercial kitchen floors should be used. Your kitchen floor needs to be scrubbed vigorously every day.

There are lots of equipment in commercial kitchens. It is the duty of restaurant owners, staff, cleaners, and contractors to ensure kitchen equipment is properly maintained. This helps in the reduction of accidents and the improvement of service delivery.

The Best Dinner Restaurants With A View On Maui

Maui is the second most visited of the Hawaiin islands. It provides a backdrop that is about as close to an island paradise as is possible. Crystal clear waters and hiking opportunities abound as does the opportunity to enjoy fabulous sunsets and wonderful scenery. Those in search of a dining destination that boasts a fabulous view on the island are going to have a challenge. Not because there is any lack of restaurants with exceptional views – but because there are so many. Here are a few great choices.

The Mill House.

For a change from the stunning view over the ocean, try the majestic mountain scenery instead (sunset is still spectacular). The Mill House boasts an exceptional bar and restaurant – and views over the lush plantation where it can be found. Great outdoor seating options and a fabulous menu that changes on a daily basis. All ingredients are locally sourced. Try the coffee glazed Paniolo Ribeye. A great selection of Chef’s Plates is perfect for sharing.

Mama’s Fish House.

This has been an Hawiin institution for years – 44 years to be exact. This beachside dining destination started small but now has 350 employees. Generations of the family that started Mam’s are still part of the team – ensuring that you get that same wonderful level of exceptional customer service – and great food. The views over the ocean are spectacular, the sand is only feet away and the cocktail menu is perfect. It’s bright, breezy and perfect for couples. It also now boasts an Inn – so those who want to linger have somewhere fabulous to lay their heads after a great meal. Try the fish stuffed with crab and lobster and seared with a Macadamia crust. You can see how clean and well-maintained their restaurant is. It is a must to maintain the cleanliness of your restaurant, especially in the kitchen. Every restaurant has a grease trap to ensure grease doesn’t block sewer lines and result in sanitary sewer overflows. You will find a reliable grease trap services for that.

Maui has something to offer everyone. It is paradise – and the views from some of the best restaurants on the island will take your breath away. Book your trip to one of the most beautiful islands in the world as soon as possible.

Elegant Iron Gate Design Ideas for Your Home

The function of the gate is actually not only physical but also psychological. Physically, the gate becomes a barrier between outside and inside. This separation serves to safeguard and supervision so that the guests can be controlled and monitored. Psychologically protective gate also has a dominant impression so that people become reluctant to enter it if it does not have a specific purpose with homeowners.

Best Gate Iron Design IDeas

Models and variations of gate designs vary widely between one culture with another culture. In Japan the gates of traditional houses are generally made ​​of wood and has a high aesthetic value. Gates in the house gives the impression that Japanese homes are very close but still displays the aesthetic side of friendly. Gate houses in Europe in general is transparent by using an iron fence or wood fence that does not fully cover the landscape into residential areas.
Fence Pros can help you with picking out the right metal, for the right price.

Nice Gate Design IDeas

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