8 Important Home Repairs to Do Right After Moving Homes


There are a number of quick things you should do after moving homes to make sure that you are protecting the home you have moved out of and getting the best possible price in the process.

Grout Repair

Quick and somewhat easy, replacing or repairing dingy grout will make your bathroom shine and make it more appealing to potential buyers.

Outdoor Stair Repair

The second someone walks down a stair and has its wobble, they have lost all interest in a home. Buyer safety is always important and remembering the small things can make or break a deal.

Paint Rooms

Patch up any holes, go ahead and remove any weird texturing like popcorn you might have done, and update the paint to a more modern color scheme. With everything out of the house, this should only take a few hours and could mean thousands of dollars more when you sell. You can call Stucco San Jose a full-service stucco and painting company that can help you with painting your room.

Upgrade Electronic Covers

Things like light switches and electronic plugs have covered the can look aged and in need of an update. Changing the faceplates will freshen up the room and make your home look less dated.

If your AC unit is damaged, repair it from ac services. You can call Maui air conditioning they are professional air conditioning services.

Clean Flooring

Tiles, wood, carpet, it doesn’t matter. Flooring needs to be cleaned and look the best possible. We recommend getting this done professionally once everything else is done.

Fix Shelving

Shelves that are too deep in the pantry, hooks that don’t make sense in the closets, and shelves that hold nothing in the bathroom all need to go. Home repair stores sell cheap, uniform shelving these days that can completely change the look of your home.

Fix Exterior Damage

Things like broken pieces of siding, downed water spouts, wires that are no longer following siding, and a number of other issues happen regularly in homes across the world. However, they are also things that turn potential buyers off of buying your home. Take the time to fix these to improve value.

Repair or replace your roof that has holes. Maui roofing contractor has skilled roofers that can help you with fixing and replacing your damaged roof.

Repair your damaged deck. Not just to maintain its surface but also to secure your safety. Deck builder Garland can provide all of your needs and your deck.

Lastly, if you have swimming pool that needs to be resurfaced, call a professional pool contractor to resurface it. Pool resurfacing palm desert specializes in all things related to swimming pool construction, remodels, and pump system upgrades.

Winter-proof Home

Make sure there are no drafts, re-seal areas that have issues, waterproof doors, and generally make your home ready for the coming winter. This will do a lot in terms of making the home feel warmer when showing it and will make your inspection score go up as well.

Another is, do a general cleaning of your house. From the bedroom, living room, bathroom, dining area, and kitchen. If you saw bed bugs in your bedroom or even in any corner of your house, call an exterminator. Bed bug buffalo can help you exterminate those bed bugs.


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