5 Tips To Maintain Your Equipment In Commercial Kitchens


The cooking equipment in your restaurant is probably what you hold most dear. One tiny fault could ruin your hospitality service and tarnish your reputation. Lack of proper equipment maintenance could even cause a fire. This could put you out of business for days or even weeks.

So, what maintenance tips should you follow in your commercial kitchen? Here are some 5 tips to keep your business and equipment operational:

  1. Grease Filter Cleaning
    Grease is collected by grease filters thereby significantly reducing the grease flowing into the duct. This reduces the number of times that ducts need to be cleaned. Still, the grease has to be cleaned from the grease filters. Cleaning of grease filters should be done once every week. Best to call a pro to handle your grease traps. You can call grease trap service Everett.
  2. Deep Fat Fryer Inspection
    One of the biggest fire hazards in your commercial kitchen is your deep fat fryer. Your fryer’s interior should be regularly cleaned. This should be done according to the manufacturer’s instructions. An inspection should also be carried out yearly. This needs to be done by a competent commercial cooking appliance contractor after it has been in service for five years.
  3. Automatic Extinguishing System (AES) service
    Servicing of the AES should be done every six months by a qualified contractor. Servicing every six months ensures that all components are operational in readiness for any fire. This is according to industry testings done.
  4. Cleaning Of The Vent Hood And Duct
    Cleaning of the vent hood and duct needs to be done every six months. It should be done by a qualified contractor from a certified hood cleaning service. Cleaning does away with built-up grease. You may opt to perform this service more frequently.
  5. Floor Maintenance
    Your kitchen floor is usually in use all the time. Slips and falls can occur when your kitchen floor isn’t properly cleaned. A quality cleaner specifically made for commercial kitchen floors should be used. Your kitchen floor needs to be scrubbed vigorously every day.

There are lots of equipment in commercial kitchens. It is the duty of restaurant owners, staff, cleaners, and contractors to ensure kitchen equipment is properly maintained. This helps in the reduction of accidents and the improvement of service delivery.


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